Categorization Of Hose Reels — Applications & Benefits

Categorization Of Hose Reels — Applications & Benefits

Are you tired from dragging & rearranging your hose every time watering your garden? Well, there is no doubt in it that the garden looks quite messy with the hose lying around. Regardless of the disorganization, it’s also unsafe to leave the hose unwinding.

The hose reels are invented to solve all the hose problems with many useful features. However, choosing the right hose reel is a challenging task, especially when the options are endless. To make a better purchase decision, you need to clarify which types of hose wheels are available.

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But first, let’s discuss the important categories of hose reels!

1. Auto-Retractable/ Auto-rewind Air Hose Reel

The world retractable is very common in the reel market. This type is known for its different names like auto-retractable, auto-rewind, & automatic air hose reels.

Recoil spring is used in these reels that rewind the reel automatically every time you pull it off. The tension force of spring is used against the winds of the hose, and both are directly related to each other.

Make sure to slowly release the hose in such reels; otherwise, the tension force is large enough to break the nozzle of the hose. Auto-retractable hose reels are available in different styles, materials, and sizes. But the main principle is the same among all.

The major benefits of using these reels are because of increased safety, competence, productivity, and a decrease in the resources lost like water.

Applications: These reels are widely used at workplaces.

2. Floor/Wall Mount Hose Reel

The mounted hose reel is a great way not only to store the hose but also to keep the reel aside. You can fix your reel in one place and instantly use it when required.

Mounted hose reels are of two types: permanent and temporary

Permanent reels are tidily screwed up into the wall/floor. It is the best way to limit your reel to one place with a bounded working area. If your work is directly related to consecutive use of reel like in the garage, you can choose the permanent one.

Removable or temporary mounted reels can provide your 2-in-1 action. You can store it on the wall and remove it if needed.

Application: This type is highly recommended as a home used hose reels where reels have multiple applications at different places.

3. Hose Reel Cart

Hose reel carts are designed in a way for better and more convenient portability. In this type, the reels are attached with a trolley/cart that has a wheel and handles on it. Regardless of the weight and size of the reel, you can easily move it anywhere.

Application: These trolley-mounted reels are most commonly used in industries and to store lengthy hoses. For small and home used reels, you don't need to buy them because of the up and down ground hassle. In such cases, it will only increase your burden every time you need to use the reel.

4. Hideaway Hose Reel

Reels with a box or hideaway hose reel is an amazing way to organize your garden and keep it safe from trip & fall issues. In this type, both the hose and reel are stored in a box which is typically made from wood, metal, and plastic.

The major benefit of hideaway reels is that it protects the hose from damaging environmental conditions like UV rays. Other benefits are low maintenance, enhancing outdoor décor, easy to clean, and organized stylish garden.

Applications: Best for Outdoor hose reels

Final Words

Hose reels have various applications in our daily life. Selecting the right type can save you from the hassle and unnecessary problems. Here we have described four major categories of hose reels along with applications. Now you can clearly decide on a type that will meet all your demands.