Is Electric Power Washer the Right Solution for You?

Is Electric Power Washer the Right Solution for You?

We are sure that you have seen someone steam cleaning that messy tile. It is very satisfying to watch that tile go from untidy to a perfect shimmery piece. A good electric power washer will give you that sense of accomplishment.

An electric washer is the best investment a person can make for their home. These machines strip hard stains surfaces such as decks, floor tiles, fences, driveways, and sidings. The best part is, that the whole process will take about a few minutes.

To ensure that you get a complete experience of pressure washing, it is important to select the right one. Unfortunately, there are plenty of power washers available out there in the market. They all vary between the specs and usage. So selecting the right one can become slightly daunting.

To prevent you from getting yourself trapped in this process, we have selected electric pressure washer from Giraffe Tools. And in this blog, we are going to tell you about the features that this washer has to offer. This guide will help you in making an informed decision on whether the electric washers work for you or not.

Electric Power Washers from Giraffe Tools

Giraffe Tools is one of the few companies that has released the importance of cleaning surfaces. Since it has become their mission to provide users with power washers. Their electric power washer has gotten a lot of attention due to the features it provides. Here is what you can expect with Giraffe Tools electric water washers.

Built-in Total Stop system

The main reason electric washers from Giraffe tools are the best ones in the market is that they have a dedicated stoping system. With the TSS feature, the whole machine stops whenever you release the trigger. That helps in saving energy. Plus, it also prolongs the life of the water pump. Moreover, the washer comes with protection devices so that you can safely wash the tiles.

Pressure Washer with 2200 PSI rating

The electric washer comes with a 1600W motor that produces a pressure of 2200 PSI. That makes it perfect for cleaning stubborn grimes. Along with that, a 2.1 GPM water flow rate makes it optimum if you are planning to clean oil stains or glue.

Modern Design

We all want a washer that looks cool while it does the work efficiently. Well, that is exactly what this washer has to offer. It comes with a telescopic handle that allows you to move the gun in any direction. Moreover, it has wheels that allow easy movement across the floor. Lastly, it has a dedicated water inlet port, which enables a clean splash-free experience.

Switchable Nozzles

There is no point in buying a washer if you cannot switch between the nozzles. Different surfaces require a different type of water direction. With a single nozzle, all you will get is removing stains from loose places. That is not the case with the Giraffe Tools washer. It comes with 4 different nozzles that are switchable, allowing to get the stains even from tight places.