Pressure Washer Foam Cannons Machines

Pressure Washer Foam Cannons Machines

Using foam cannon machines with a pressure washer can produce a lot of foam in a short period. Although they produce less foam than a pressure cleaner attachment. Foam Cannon accessories can be attached to a standard hose and used in the same way.

The Foam Cannon's Purpose

  • A higher volume of soapsuds and a higher volume of foam cannons can make cleaning a car or other object more efficient, as more suds can encapsulate dirt and remove it more effectively. When compared to a cleaning mitt or a pail of soapy water, foam cannon produces substantially more foam. The more suds and soap you use, the cleaner the surface will be after you are done.
  • In comparison to using a glove or bucket alone, you can wash a car faster with a cleaner. Foam cannons rapidly and efficiently produce large amounts of foam. Using this instead of a bucket or cleaning mitt saves time and effort while cleaning a car.
  • You can lessen the risk of scratching your automobile when using foam cannon instead of a mitt or scrubber, which avoids or reduces the risk of scratching your car.

What Are the Requirements for Using a Foam Cannon?

To use foam cannon, you will need a pressure cleaner with enough pressure and volume to drive the cannon, as well as chemicals made specifically for foam cannons. On both of them, we will expound in depth.

  • A pressure cleaner is capable of producing enough capacity and pressure. Foam cannons usually require at least 1100-PSI & 1.5 GPM output. Although advanced quality & performance foam cannons will typically take 1500-PSI at least with 2 GPM output. Commonly the extreme PSI and GPM will be roughly 5000 PSI & 5 GPM, although this can vary based on the foam cannon's quality.
  • As well as having the right pressure washer, foaming solutions that are developed to wash the vehicle effectively are also necessary.

Foam Cannon's Uses

Once you have decided on foam cannon, the following step is to set it up and begin cleaning.

  • It is best to clean the car beforehand while using the foam cannon to eliminate any loose dirt. This will assist the foam work better.
  • To connect a foam cannon to a washer's trigger gun or additional lead, most manufacturers use a quick easy connect. The foam cannon must be connected to the pressure cleaner gun, and having a short-nosed trigger pistol for the washer involved will make foaming your car a breeze.
  • You may then utilize the foam cannon & control the foam output by adjusting the volume. Foam volume can be adjusted by turning a knob on top of the cannon. The foam cannon's front may be twisted to alter the size of the fan pattern. From there, you may utilize the foam cannon to modify the foam output by adjusting the volume. This is typically a knob on the foam cannon's top that controls the foam volume. Additionally, the fan pattern size may be adjusted by twisting the foam cannon's front.

Troubleshooting Foam Cannon Issues

Runny foam can be caused by an insufficient ratio of soap to water in your foam cannon's solution. Check your washer's pressure & GPM output as well; a high-pressure washer with a PSI of a minimum of 2000 produces more foam than a low-pressure washer with a PSI of only 1000. Finally, to ensure a better soap-water mix, use warm water.