Products Your Baby Will Love From The Boppy Shop.

Products Your Baby Will Love From The Boppy Shop.

The Boppy Shop has truly become my favorite baby place to shop. No matter what your needs are for your newborn or toddler The Boppy Shop can meet them. It’s really great when you find a company that has such an array of good quality products all in one place for your little ones.

That’s how I feel about The Boppy Shop, you can select so many awesome products at a reasonable price, even items for expecting moms.

Just the other day I received two great products from The that I would like to share with you. First, we have the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow.

The Tummy Time Pillow is Pediatrician recommended tummy time to help strengthen your little one’s neck, head and trunk muscles. It’s the perfect size so mommy can carry it on the go anytime. Attached to this pillow is a teether and crinkle book to entertain your little one.

Pediatricians recommend 30 minutes of tummy time each day. The Tummy Time Pillow features the SlideLine toy adjustment system so toys can be perfectly placed and moved to encourage tummy time fun. The Tummy Time Pillow is definitely the perfect size for tummy propping and it includes two developmental toys.  Even mom and dad can get down on the floor to interact with their baby while she or he is enjoying his tummy time.

The Boppy® Tummy Time Pillow is so soft and can be machine washable, the toys can be spot clean only.

Next we have the Boppy® Zippered Bunting, OMG this zippered bunting is so cute and has such a soft texture feel. I’m sure it will keep your baby cozy and warm while they relax.

The Boppy Zippered Bunting is part of the Boppy clothing collection and it comes in many patterns and cute characters which is inspired by your favorite Boppy pillows. The Boppy clothing collection is the perfect combination of style and comfort!  The zipper is key for quick and easy changes. Plus the bright colors and bold patterns make it fashionable as well as functional.

Here are more details about the Boppy Zippered Bunting.

  • Sizes range from 0/3 Months & 6/9 Months
  • Flat seams to prevent irritation to baby’s soft skin
  • Easy zipper make diaper changes a breeze and dressing baby a snap
  • Roll down cuffs as baby grows
  • Comfort tab covers zipper and keeps baby’s neck protected and comfortable
  • Knit terry lining

Well, as always if you want to see more products from The, stop by their website today to see their selection of great baby products for your little one.

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