Types Of Skincare Products Sold By Different Skincare Brands

Types Of Skincare Products Sold By Different Skincare Brands

Taking good care of your skin should be a priority to maintain a clean, soft, and youthful look. In the past, good skin was associated with women more, but men have joined the game recently. There are products for both genders depending on the purpose they serve, but women's are in plenty. Brands such as MELAO stock different skincare items, which you can purchase through online shopping platforms. This article focuses on the different skincare products provided by skincare brands.

Skincare products you can buy

Every product is designed to serve a particular purpose, meaning you can use it individually. However, some complement each other hence using them together gives greater results. Some of the main skin items to have in your drawer include;

1. Cleansing skin product

It is a top item in every brand's store and the main selling point. This is because dermatologists highly recommend it for keeping your skin free from dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants. It's a basic but powerful skincare product that every person should have. Companies produce them in different forms, suitable for all skin types. As a buyer, it's important to know your skin type and certain products react to it. Most brands, if not all, indicate the type of cleanser and the type of skin you can apply it on, e.g., oily, dry, or normal skin. Some manufacture one that fits all skin types, which is a plus for the less informed buyers.

2. Treatment skincare products

These products are mainly used to care for particular skin problems like dark spots, acne, or hyperpigmentation. The treatment you choose to buy depends on the concern you want to handle. Some work for more than one skin problem, but most are quite specific. There is a wide range of them in the market from different brands. However, ensure the brand item is FDA approved before making a purchase. On top of other ways, this is one way to distinguish genuine brands from fake ones. Some companies offer them in the form of lotions, gels, creams, serums, or all.

3. Moisturizing skincare products

Most skincare products focus on your face's well-being, but moisturizers cater to your entire body. They keep your skin hydrated, free from wrinkles, and looking young. Some have a great fragrance that leaves you smelling nice apart from adding moisture. As a beginner, it's good to try different brands until you find one that suits you. Some brands have them in big sizes, perfect for use at home, while others provide pocket-sized to use while on the move.

4. Serums

Like moisturizers, serums hydrate the skin. Additionally, they help counter damages caused by free radicals with the help of antioxidants. Most serums are water-based, but several brands have produced oil-based ones.

5. Toners

Toner is necessary after cleansing to restore the normal skin pH. If you plan on buying skin items from a single brand, ensure it has the ideal toner for you. Some are for sensitive skin, which should be alcohol-free, while others are perfect for all skin types.


Skincare products have great benefits, and it is worthwhile to spend your money on them. Genuine products from well-known brands are costly; however, they give you excellent results. Shop for the best brands based on your experiences or other people's reviews and ensure you stick to your skin types. Also, factor in prices of different companies as the products may be similar but with different price tags.